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G.X. Todd

  • Original Title: DEFENDER
  • Publication date: January 2017
  • Country: GB
  • 464 print pages
  • Sci-Fi/Dystopia


  • Epoch: Historical
  • Time Period: 21st century
  • Location setting: Unknown or Invalid Region
  • Themes: PEOPLE facing life, Surpassing oneself, Death, PEOPLE facing the extraordinary, Survival, Rivalry, Violence, SOCIAL CHRONICLES, Solidarity, Friendship, Loyalty, LOVE / HATE, Facing failure


99% of the world population killed themselves. The few survivors struggle everyday to stay alive in this post apocalyptic world where encounters can either save your life or kill you.


Book 3, SURVIVORS, to be published in August 2019

Translation rights sold: Poland, Brazil, Czech Republic

Previously called PILGRIM. It has just been sold in a six figure pre-empt (for four books, UK & Commonwealth only) to Headline / Hachette in the UK. It is just going out on a wide submission now (April 2015). It is the first novel in a planned tetralogy, though it can be read as a stand­ alone novel.

PROTECT by G. X. Todd is a post-apocalyptic thriller set in America and the story shares surface similarities with books like THE ROAD by Cormac McCarthy and THE STAND by Stephen King, whilst there is also a wonderful echo of the film Leon in the relationship between the two lead characters.

This in fact feels like a film. It has a number of very disturbing images, and is packed with confrontations, with much bloodletting. It also has some tender moments, and is almost like a Western in many ways.

G. X. Todd is a 34-year-old librarian from the West Midlands. After completing a history degree at Birmingham University, she started working for public libraries and has now been there for more than a decade. She currently holds a HGV licence and drives a 35ft long library van around the borough. Though PROTECT can be read as a stand-alone novel, she has just finished the first draft of a follow up, HUNT, and has planned a further two more books in the series.



Everything has changed, and yet nothing is different. There were no nuclear bombs or huge global natural disasters; you can still breathe Earth's air and drink its water. But twenty-first century life no longer exists. It started slowly, labelled as a mental disorder, until the numbers multiplied and the scared whispers started. Then came the suicides, in their hundreds at first and then in their thousands, and no one had any answers or solutions. Because how do you unite and fight back when the attack is coming from within?

In this new world we meet Pilgrim. He doesn't want to remember the past, sees no point in thinking about the future, and so survives day to day driving across America on his motorbike. He travels alone, apart from the Voice in his head.

Report on Book 1
Book 2, HUNTED
Origin story, SURVIVORS

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