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Mats Strandberg
Sara B. Elfgren

  • Publication date: April 2011
  • Publisher: RABéN & SJöGREN
  • Country: SE
  • 500 print pages
  • Fantastic/Urban Fantasy


  • Epoch: Contemporary
  • Time Period: 21st century
  • Location setting: Sweden
  • Themes: FAMILY, PEOPLE facing life, Surpassing oneself, Life change, PEOPLE facing the extraordinary, Manipulation, Conspiracy, Survival, Rivalry, SOCIAL CHRONICLES, Commitment, Friendship, CHARACTERS, Strong Female Character, Atypical Character


Engelsfors. Beautiful name, scrubby town. Surrounded by deep forests where people get lost and disappear. Six girls just started high school. They have nothing in common – except they are all hunted by an ancient evil. And they are all witches.


Translation rights sold: Belgium, Brazil, The Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, The Faroe, Islands, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, UK

A Swedish film adaptation of the first book in the series, THE CIRCLE, was released in 2015 ( RMV Film)

Pitched as My So Called Life and Buffy the Vampire Slayer meet in Twin Peaks.
"500 suspenseful pages filled with love, magic, nagging parents, homework, death and friendship."

Book 1, THE CIRCLE, winner of the Book Bloggers Literary Prize 2011, the Book Jury Prize 2011, the Great Reader’s Prize 2011 and the Icelandic Book Sellers Award 2012. It was nominated for the August Prize youth award in 2011.
Book 2, FIRE winner of the Book Jury Prize 2012 and the Great Reader’s Prize 2012

Sara B. Elfgren is one of the most prominent genre writers in Sweden today. She writes novels as well as screenplays and graphic novels. THE CIRCLE was her debut novel. She started her career in the film industry.

Mats Strandberg is hailed as “the Swedish Stephen King” for his bestselling horror novels, and he has also published successful children’s books about monsters. He also works with film projects and a graphic novel.



The autumn semester has just started when a student is found dead in one of the school lavatories. Everyone suspects suicide. Everyone except the ones who know the truth. One night, when a mysterious red moon fills the sky, the girls meet in the park. They don’t know why or how they were brought there but they learn that they need each other in order to survive.

They are told that they are witches. An ancient prophecy states that they are The Chosen Ones. From this day on, high school is a matter of life and death, literally. They must learn how to work together despite their differences and they have to master the forces that have awakened within them. Time is running out. Something is hunting them and if they don’t find it and defeat it, it will find them.

A small industrial town becomes the arena for the final battle between good and evil.

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  • Author’s biography

    Mats Strandberg is a Swedish author and journalist. He has published numerous novels for adults and young adults.

    Mats Strandberg's debut novel HUNTING SEASON was published in 2006. His commercial breakthrough came in 2011, when the YA novel THE CIRCLE hit stores. The book, written together with Sara B. Elfgren, was the first part of the Engelsfors Trilogy. The epic story of teenage witches in a small industrial town, chosen to save the world from the apocalypse, was an instant success both critically and commercially. Today it has been translated to over 25 languages, and in 2015 the film version premiered, produced by the father-son team of Benny Andersson (of ABBA fame) and Ludvig Andersson.

    In 2015, it all came full circle, so to speak. Mats Strandberg returns to the genre that made him fall in love with books in the first place. He has called the horror novel BLOOD CRUISE ”Stephen King at sea”. Just as with the Engelsfors Trilogy, he mixes social realism with the supernatural. This time the setting is a large cruise ship that travels between Sweden and Finland. In the middle of the cold Baltic Sea, in the middle of the night, there is nowhere to run.

    Regardless of genre, Mats Strandberg has been praised for his sharp eye for character and dialogue.

    Sara Bergmark Elfgren (born 1980) is a Swedish writer and screenwriter. Her first novel, CIRKELN (The Circle), and the sequels ELD (Fire) and NYCKELN (The Key) (known collectively as the Engelsfors trilogy), were written together with Mats Strandberg and published in 2011 - 2013. CIRKELN was an August Prize nominee in the youth literature category. The books have been translated to 25 languages. IB DREAMS is her fourth novel, and her solo debut. She is the first recipient of the 2019 White Reindeer Award.