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LET'S GO TO SEE THE DAY (working title)

Sara Rattaro

  • Publication date: November 2018
  • Publisher: SPERLING & KUPFER
  • Country: IT
  • 196 print pages
  • Dramedy


  • Epoch: Mixed
  • Time Period: 20th century, 21st century
  • Location setting: France, Italy
  • Themes: FAMILY, Dysfunctional family, Separation, Maternity, Paternity, Family secrets, Filiation, Adultery, LOVE / HATE, Amorous urge


The story of a dysfunctional family, narrated by different members, like Alice, who could never forgive her father for what he did to her mother, but is now facing her own marriage crisis.


Translation rights sold: Option in Spain.

A novel about mistakes, passions, family and love. The author is good in her genre and she sells well in Italy.

Sara Rattaro is an Italian author of women’s fiction. Among others, she previously published the novel UN USO QUALUNQUE DI TE (2011), which has been translated in 9 languages.


The story is narrated by all the family’s members, through short chapters that alternate. The novel begins when Andrea, Alice’s husband, leaves. The reader does not know the reason why he is leaving. Then the story goes back in the past and it is narrated not following a chronological order, but jumping from present to past. Sandra and Alberto have been married for years. They have three children, Alice, the eldest, Matteo, a deaf child, and Marta, the youngest. When Alice is still a child, one day, she catches her father hugging another woman, Camilla, his lover. Alice knows he is about to abandon them, but eventually Alberto decides to save his family and to remain with them. Despite his decision, Alice never really overcomes the pain and the grief she felt that day.

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