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Giorgio de Maria

  • Publication date: January 1977
  • Publisher: IL FORMICHIERE
  • Country: IT
  • 115 print pages
  • Fantastic/Urban Fantasy/Classic


  • Epoch: Historical
  • Time Period: 20th century
  • Location setting: Italy
  • Themes: PEOPLE facing life, Search for the truth, PEOPLE facing the extraordinary, Manipulation, Conspiracy, SOCIETY DYSFUNCTIONS, Violence, Power, Corruption


“The Library”: a space where lonely citizens can read one another’s private diaries. When the city suffers a 20-day collective psychosis climaxing in massacres, it is shut down and erased from history. Until a man suspects the evil forces behind these events have continued.


Translation rights sold: US

Written during the height of the 1970s Italian domestic terror, a cult novel, with distinct echoes of Lovecraft and Borges.

First published in Italy in 1977, De Maria’s cult classic makes its English-language debut.


In the spare wing of a church-run sanitarium, some fervent youths create “the Library,” a space where lonely citizens can read one another’s private diaries and connect with like-minded types. But does this pre-Internet experiment in social media attract anyone normal? Is the Library an answer to isolation or a honey-trap for antisocial content that drains its contributors’ souls? As the city of Turin suffers a twenty-day “phenomenon of collective psychosis,” climaxing in nighttime massacres, the Library is shut down and erased from history. That is, until a self-driven investigator suspects that the unnamable forces behind these unexplained events have continued in the shadow of public amnesia. His inquiry leads him through the city’s netherworld of occultists and to a singular reward for his stubborn curiosity.

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