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RAVENSWING (working title)

Louise Boije af Gennäs

  • Original Title: BLODOKAN
  • Publication date: January 2018
  • Publisher: BOOKMARK FORLAG
  • Country: SE
  • 448 print pages
  • Crime fiction/Thriller


  • Epoch: Contemporary
  • Time Period: 21st century
  • Location setting: Sweden
  • Themes: FAMILY, Mourning, PEOPLE facing life, Resilience, PEOPLE facing the extraordinary, Manipulation, Corruption, SOCIETY DYSFUNCTIONS, Violence, CHARACTERS, Strong Female Character


A young woman who has had both intense physical training in the military but undergone the trauma of her father's unexplained death and being raped discovers the events are linked.


Translation rights sold: Germany (3-book deal), Netherlands (three-book-deal), World Spanish(three-book-deal), Slovakia, Czech Rep (three-book-deal, auction), Poland (three-book-deal, auction), Hungary, Japan

Trilogy. Book #2 PREY (SKENDODA) was recently published (09/2018) and #3 VERKANSELD to be published in January 2019.

Book 1 sold 80,000 copies so far (October 2018). The reviews have been many, and extremely positive

Pitched as the Millennium series meets THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN.

December 2017: The book is getting a lot of attention with publishers.There is a lot of interest from US/UK, as well as Spain, France and Italy.

Louise Boije af Gennäs is a Swedish writer, feminist, and co-creator of Rederiet, the longest-running Swedish soap opera in history.



When Sara’s father dies in a mysterious fire she moves from the small Swedish town Örebro to Stockholm. At first things are going almost too smoothly: the job at a café in the outskirts of Stockholm, is replaced with one at a cool PR agency downtown and the shabby suburban room becomes a luxurious apartment in the posh neighborhood of Östermalm. Sara, who has been through some traumatic events, is just happy to have things finally falling into place, even though her mother and sister back home find her luck quite remarkable.

Sara soon realizes that things are not as they seem. Strange things are happening to her, each time increasingly frightening and completely inexplicable. She questions her own sanity and regards everyone around her with growing suspicion. Can she really trust anyone, or is she imagining all the strange events happening to her? What if she is in fact crazy? The threat against Sara and her family become more apparent as it seems increasingly clear that someone wants something from her at any price. But what do they want? And why? Sara needs to find out, and the answers lay in the connection between her father’s mysterious death and the findings she made in his office.

Report available. English MS + detailed synospis for Book 1, 2, 3

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  • Author’s biography

    Louise Boije af Gennäs is a Swedish writer, feminist, and co-creator of Rederiet, the longest-running Swedish soap opera in history. Her best-selling novel, the semi-autobiographical STJARNOR UTAN SVINDEL (Stars Without Vertigo) from 1996, is based on the author's relationship with the prominent feminist Mian Lodalen.