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Sylvain Savoia

  • Publication date: April 2015
  • Publisher: DUPUIS
  • Country: FR
  • 100 print pages
  • Historical


  • Epoch: Mixed
  • Time Period: 18th century, 21st century
  • Themes: PEOPLE facing the extraordinary, Exile, Survival, Rivalry, SOCIETY DYSFUNCTIONS, Inequality, Racism, Violence, SOCIAL CHRONICLES, Social relations, Solidarity, Loyalty, PEOPLE facing life, Looking back on one's life, Commitment


At the end of the 18th Century, a ship carrying black slaves from Africa is shipwrecked on a tiny, far-flung island in the Indian Ocean. A makeshift boat is built, and the all-white crew leaves the island, promising to come back. For 15 years, the surviving slaves will struggle to stay alive in this desolate land...


Awarded the Comic Book Prize of the Royal Naval Academy in France

A true and gripping tale of hope and survival now celebrated in the National Marine Museum of Paris.

Sylvain Savoia is a French cartoonist. He studied at the Saint-Luc art school in Brussels. He illustrated the series MARZI, written by Marzena Sowa, which met with international success.


This story takes place on a tiny, far-flung island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, whose nearest neighbor is Madagascar, 500 kilometers away...

In 1760, the Utile, a ship carrying black slaves from Africa, was shipwrecked here and abandoned by her crew. The surviving slaves had to struggle to stay alive in this desolate land for fifteen years... When this tale got back to France, it became the cornerstone of the battle of Enlightenment to outlaw slavery. More than two hundred years later, the artist Sylvain Savoia accompanied the first archeological mission in search of understanding how these men and women, who had come from the high mountains of Madagascar, had survived alone in the middle of the ocean. This is the story of that mission, through which we're exposed to the extraordinary story of the slaves themselves.

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